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Case of Islamic State recruit’s UK citizenship goes to Supreme Court

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LONDON — The UK Supreme Court will examine the case of a British-born woman who went to Syria as a schoolgirl to join Islamic State, after the government appealed against a court decision to allow her to return to Britain to fight for her citizenship.

Shamima Begum, who was born to Bangladeshi parents, left London in 2015 when she was 15 and went to Syria via Turkey with two schoolfriends. In Syria, she married an Islamic State fighter and lived in the capital of the violent jihadist group’s self-declared caliphate.

She was discovered in 2019 in a detention camp in Syria, where three of her children died. Britain stripped her of her citizenship, saying she was a security threat.

The Court of Appeal in London ruled on July 16 that Begum should be allowed to return to Br...

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“pastoral interlude”

Today, I was introduced to the work of British photographer Ingrid Pollard by our favourite tweeting museum. Diving into her work, I found her doctoral disseration (Westminster, 2016), and the thread pointed to a journal article (Kinsman, 1995) analysing (Bertrand, 2014) her body of work.
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Why did the City of Toronto rent WE Charity’s former HQ for $6 million?

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I was not consulted properly prior to city staff signing the lease agreement

“Numerous residents have contacted my office requesting information be made public regarding the City’s lease agreement for 233 Carlton Street and any relationships between the City of Toronto, WE Charity, ME to We Social Enterprise or the Kielburger family,” the motion read.

In a brief interview, Wong-Tam told the Post that she is pushing for full transparency into how and why the location was picked out of numerous buildings in the area that were perhaps more suitable for the purposes of a women’s shelter.

“I was not consulted properly prior to city staff signing the lease agreement...

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Afghanistan and Pakistan say 22 die in border clashes

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Pakistan’s foreign ministry said Afghan forces had opened fire on the crowd. “Pakistan troops responded to protect our local population and acted only in self-defense,” it said, adding that Pakistan immediately activated military and diplomatic channels to deescalate the situation.

However, protesters told Reuters by phone that the Pakistani security forces had opened fire on the crowd first.

The crossing, mostly shut during the COVID-19 pandemic, was briefly opened on Wednesday and had been due to reopen on Thursday to allow nationals of both countries to cross for Eid, which falls on Friday in Afghanistan and Saturday in Pakistan.

When it did not open, a large crowd gathered to protest, and a quarantine center and Pakistani government f...

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Get Thee Behind Me Satan

On Sex with Demons. With demon sperm trending in the news, Medievalist Dr. Eleanor Janega takes a brief look back at the rich medieval history of horny devils: “See the devil can’t make his own semen, being as he is incapable of making life, so in order to get his hands on fresh come, he transforms himself into a succubus, has sex with a dude, nabs the semen from said dude, then transforms himself into an incubus, shags a witch and injects the stolen jizz in order to knock her up.”
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Ghislaine Maxwell abused, trafficked young girls with Jeffrey Epstein ‘on a regular basis,’ court documents allege

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Giuffre alleges that Maxwell sexually abused her “on a regular basis,” and did the same to multiple other girls over the years.

“She’s the one that procured me, told me what to do, trained me as a sex slave, abused me physically, abused me mentally,” the deposition reads. “She’s the one who I believe, in my heart of hearts, deserves to come forward and have justice happen to her more than anybody.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court, and Maxwell denies any wrongdoing.

In a police interview, Giuffre said Epstein constantly boasted about the age of girls he sexually abused. In one case, Giuffre recalled Epstein bragging about flying in three 12-year-old girls from France, and said it was a “surprise birthday gift.”

Giuffre claime...

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New Pandemic Cooking Craze – Cocindando en los Tiempos del Coronavirus

The University of San Antonio Texas Libraries Special Collections is curating a special collection of historic Mexican recipes as free e-books. This will be a three volume endeavor and they’ve saved the best for first – Postres (Desserts). posted by brookeb (0 comments total) 3 users marked this as a favorite

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Rescue groups and fisheries officials race to save entangled humpback whales

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Fortunately, teams were able to remove a lot of the gear that the second whale, named X-ray, had been trailing, he said.

A satellite tag was also attached to X-ray so it could be relocated, and the rest of the gear could be removed but the team hasn’t seen the whale since.

“It’s very hard to follow the animals because they can move large distances and stay underwater for so long,” Cottrell explained.

The third yet-to-be-named whale seen near the Central Coast has netting around its head that Cottrell described as “problematic” because it makes it difficult for the animal to eat.

That whale is also trailing other gear, he said.

Once a whale gets entangled in one trap, it picks up other gear as it moves through the water column, he explained.

“It’s like...

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Scrambling to publish a database of complaints against NYPD officers

Nonprofit investigative newsroom ProPublica launched The NYPD Files in a hurry – after New York lawmakers repealed a law that kept the public from seeing police discipline records, ProPublica filed a records request, and then police unions sued to keep the records secret, without realizing that ProPublica had those records. Now you can search NYPD complaints for abuse of authority, unnecessary force, and even discourtesy. posted by kristi (1 comment total) 3 users marked this as a favorite
A valid use of blockchain.
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NBA Fixtures

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Jul 31 (OPTA) – NBA schedules for this weekend

Friday, July 31 schedules (EST/GMT)

Orlando at Brooklyn (1430/1830)

Memphis at Portland (1600/2000)

Phoenix at Washington (1600/2000)

Boston at Milwaukee (1830/2230)

Sacramento at San Antonio (2000/0000)

Houston at Dallas (2100/0100)

Saturday, August 1 schedules (EST/GMT)

Miami at Denver (1300/1700)

Utah at Oklahoma City (1530/1930)

New Orleans at LA Clippers (1800/2200)

Philadelphia at Indiana (1900/2300)

LA Lakers at Toronto (2030/0030)

Sunday, August 2 schedules (EST/GMT)

Washington at Brooklyn (1400/1800)

Portland at Boston (1530/1930)

San Antonio at Memphis (1600/2000)

Sacramento at Orlando (1800/2200)

Milwaukee at Houston (2030/0030)

Dallas at Phoenix (2100/0100)

Monday, August 3 schedules (EST/GMT)

Toronto at Miami (1...

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