A fraudulent election spurs nationwide protest, strikes in Belarus

The 2020 Belarusian presidential election is widely viewed as fraudulent due to accusations of falsifications of ballot results.

Since the elections, Belarusians turned out en masse to protest and show no sign of stopping. Protesters have clashed with police and have recounted beatings after being released from jail. Belarus workers have gone on strike nationwide, from metro workers to oil refinery employees. At least 50 riot police have lowered their shields and joined the protesters. On Thursday, thousands of women dressed in white and carrying flowers turned out in the streets. The Belarus’ deputy interior minister has pledged to release all protesters as the EU greenlights sanctions. The opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, resurfaced on social media, to thank her supporters, after going into hiding in Lithuania, under pressure of authorities, and to say that she is ready to talk with the government under the auspices of international partners, and urged Belarusians to keep up the peaceful protests over the weekend.

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I wish them success in overturning this and pushing Lukashenko out of office. I’m readying myself to follow in their footsteps come November.
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