A solute and solvent mashup (8 letters)

How To Solve the New York Times Crossword. “A crossword puzzle is not a test of intelligence, and solving is not really about the size of your vocabulary. Becoming a good solver is about understanding what the clues are asking you to do.”
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Each crossword puzzle writer will receive one thousand years in hell for every crossword clue that ends with a question mark.
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Question mark clues are the wind beneath my sails. My own disdain is reserved for when Word In French Language crosses with Sport Fact Only Truefans Would Know, basically demanding you Google one or the other to complete.
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*Pencils in “solution” but waits for confirmation from cross-letters from other clues before inking*
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I find it invaluable to read Rex Parker every day (after finishing!); you learn a lot about construction & crossword politics that you probably never considered.

Obviously influenced by Rex, I would like a) more diverse constructors b) more contemporary content in the NYTXW, and I’d be perfectly happy if they never used NRA, Dies or Irae, INRI, olio, and ole ever again as answers.
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I hope Megan Amram will be immortalized in crosswords herself because of the juicy vowel placement. There’s a reason why Charlie Chaplin’s fourth wife (Oona) is always used.
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The home of the University of Maine — Orono — shows up frequently for the same reason.
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If you’re as addicted to crosswords as I am, you might like Matt Gritzmacher’s Daily Crossword Links newsletter and remarkably comprehensive associated spreadsheet. I still do the Times puzzle every day for some reason, but its stodginess and lack of diversity are really apparent after getting into some of the indies.
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I know the usual tips and tricks for solving a crossword, but boy howdy if I don’t get stuck on the clues that require me to know a celebrity’s name or other piece of trivia. So for me, at least, it is 100% about the size of my vocabulary.
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By the way, my single least favorite word-that-shows-up-in-a-million-crossword-puzzles-as-glue is “Alb” because I can never, ever remember it.
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