Cake update

Kronans kaka is made with potato, while a bible is required here. Edible rock garden cake. Dinosaur cheesecake. Chocolate courgette cake. Do you want cake AND crumble? Or Jaffa cake AND trifle? #CricketTea. Pigeon cake. Coffee, maple and walnut cake. Stonehenge. Someone take me to Burnham-on-Sea. Treacle and spice Victoria sponge. Kvæfjordkake. From Malaysia, the geometry of kek lapis Sarawak. Curd cake. Sid. A 24 Carat Gold brownie. Hadrian’s wall cake. Even portions. Greggs steak bake cake. Nibble on a bombolini. Stockholm cake purchasing. Kajagoogoo singer Limahl. Pleasantly silent owl. Hot fudge sundae cupcakes. #CakesOfKindness. Almond, black pepper and fig cake. Peanut butter cake. Soon, cake week, then Christmas! (Bonus: Vegan Swedish princess cake)
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Bad cake is still better than good pie. Hell is there even such a thing as good pie?
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You forgot one
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Hell is there even such a thing as good pie?

You have offended my honor, sir, and I challenge you to pistols at dawn.
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Hadrian’s wall cake.

That’s pretty impressive.

Before I clicked on the link, I was trying to Pict-ure what it would look like…

…yes, I’ll show myself out.
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I can think of 5 kinds of pie that are better than any kind of cake. That’s what makes a market I guess.
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