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We Are What We Steal

Crimes are a reflection of the period and society in which they occur. What happened, the objects and people involved, the location, how it was recorded – or even if it was recorded – all tell us something about the values, attitudes, and power structures of the day.
This data visualisation looks at the almost 20 million words that were written in the New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime from the beginning of 1860 up until the end of 1900* to see what it shows about how the people, places, and things, changed in NSW over that period.

This visualization was created by DX Lab of the NSW library system. DX Lab says their purpose is innovation. (I think it is awesome for a library to have an innovation laboratory.)

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It Was Never Enough

“Reed felt a strong sense of urgency. Here, he thought, is a guy who can drive or fly just about any vehicle, with ties to foreign governments, who is known to use satellite phones and pay in cash, and who deals with foreign corporations that would give him funding outside U.S. jurisdiction. He wanted to get T. R. into custody before he fled the country, never to be seen again.””I got to the point where I was probably too arrogant and cocky for my own good,” T. R. said. “I thought that I would never be arrested, or that I could buy my way out of it. That’s how things work in the rest of the world.” SL TM
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In sleep, he twerked at me …

Phantom of the WAPera (ft. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, hosted on his own official TikTok channel); Anaconda of the Opera; Phantom of the Dark Horse; and the Phantom meets Carmen (on ukelele) and Bach (on piano).
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(The first moments of the ‘Dark Horse’ mashup are rough but it gets better swiftly. Well, for varying values of ‘better’.)
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Some additional mashups: Cats + School of Rock + Phantom of the Opera (all of them ALW musicals); Everybody Rock Da House; and Phantom Looking Woman.
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Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther, has died

Variety reports the actor was 42 years old. The Black Panther star has battled colon cancer since 2016, Variety said, linking to a tweet on the actor’s account. “It was the honor of his life to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther.”
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I’m so utterly gutted by this. He was such an immense talent.
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Fucking devastating.
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Wakanda Forever.
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Capturing the secrets of the New York City subway

Patrick Cashin worked as the MTA’s official photographer, documenting the ins and outs of one of the world’s busiest transit systems.
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Mucical interlude

JS Bach on a wooden xylophone in the forest A small youtube video of the sinple, yet complex musical instrument.

Sometimes, a visit to nature is a good thing.

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane… No, it’s a train!

A film from 1902 of the oldest electric elevated railway in the world.
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It’s not just an elevated railway, it’s a SUSPENDED electric railway! The track runs above the cars so it’s really “you are flying”. How amazing! And such a great restoration of such an old film!

Thanks so much for sharing, this was beautiful and amazing.
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These flying trains should be everywhere.
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Those old 68mm films are amazing. I mean I can understand why they weren’t used that much but the resolution is so impressive even a hundred years ago.

I wonder how many of our digital movies will still be watchable in 118 years?
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A Century of the Brooklyn Bethel

In 1908, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society purchased two five-story brownstones and a church in Brooklyn, New York. This collection of buildings (along with numerous other neighboring properties purchased over the years) would serve as the headquarters for the Jehovah’s Witnesses for over a century. Brownstoner has a history of the headquarters written at the time of the massive property’s sale in 2016 to everyone’s least favorite son-in-law (the Jehovah’s Witnesses moved their operation upstate to Warwick). Earlier this year, as part of the effort to transform this secretive compound into an office and retail complex, walls that once locked the property up tight were torn down and eleven elaborate gardens were planted facing out to the street.
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“Let’s pause here and take some questions.”

[“The South Asian Speakers Series Presents the Archeologist and Adventurer Indiana Jones” by Tania James] is the eighth story in this summer’s [New Yorker] online Flash Fiction series. You can read the entire series, and our Flash Fiction stories from previous years, here.
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(Not a complicated premise or surprising premise, but it has kept bubbling back into my brain ever since I read it.)
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The Demise of the (British) Second-Hand Bookshop

Alexander Larman on why Oxfam charity bookshops, “as tremendous as they are, may be the end of the second-hand bookseller.” posted by adrianhon (0 comments total)

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