Press F to commit war crimes, but with more gender diversity this time

The next Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, has announced an expansion to its “gender” options for the player: “Male”, “Female”, and… “Classified”. For gamers and political operatives excited about innovations in reputation laundering and imperialist propaganda, Ronald Reagan will feature prominently in the game as an eerily realistic character …

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“spotted cool things their listing bots had mislabeled and underpriced”

“Mika was careful. But you heard stories.” In the short, sweet scifi story “Legal Salvage” by Holli Mintzer, a vintage seller navigates a forgotten building of self-storage lockers, an unfamiliar sorting bot, Geoff the sentient traffic light, and a party. Part of Slate‘s Future Tense Fiction series, in partnership with Arizona State University’s Center for …

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US Post Office Murals

Searching for America’s 1930s post office murals: a photo essay at The Guardian by photographer Justin Hamel. Another article, by Winnie Lee, about Hamel’s project at Atlas Obscura. More photos from the project at Hamel’s website. Wikipedia has a list of United States post office murals.posted by misteraitch (1 comment total) Cool project. Hamel really …

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Zipper-mouth face

‘This appears to be the first time that a court in Australia has been asked to rule on the capacity of an emoji to convey defamatory meaning…’ posted by Fiasco da Gama (0 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

The biggest thing to happen to aviation and travel in 50 years

Secretive aerospace company Otto has unveiled the Celera 500L. The super efficient aircraft seats six and has up to ten times the fuel efficiency of a private jet while offering similar speeds. With a range of up to 4,500 miles, it could theoretically fly between any two airports in the continental U.S. without refueling. CO2 …

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Electrify Everything

Saul Griffith (previously) has a new organization called Rewiring America, which is promoting a plan to cut carbon emissions in the US by 70-80% by 2035 using existing technologies, while creating 15-20 million jobs over the next decade. Listen of Griffith on The Ezra Klein Show explain his vision for decarbonization and, more recently, about …

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A Cozy Management Game About Dying

Natalie Flores on Spiritfarer, a heartbreaking and heartwarming meditation on life where the player becomes “a ferry master to the deceased whose job is to help them pass on to the afterlife. By caring for them and helping them fulfill their wishes, you allow the spirits to wrap up the loose ends in their lives …

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