Could I feel what they were doing? Yes.

Rob Delaney on the pain and pleasure of his vasectomy. Also: Previously (and very sadly).
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we’re all making the same face right now, aren’t we
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What a to do! What’s with the shaving? Why the hospital bed? Why can’t he walk to the theatre? Why couldn’t they get the dosage for the local right? I got my snippedy doo-dah done 20+ years ago by a surgeon who’d been off work for a couple of decades to raise her family and then wanted to get back in business. Vasectomies seemed to be a nice way to give back. Her clinic was a bit like going to visit the dentist. Half way through the can’t-feel-a-thing procedure I perked up and said
“I smell burning”.
“Yes, that’s you”
It’s best to cauterise the flappy ends of the severed vas def lest they reconnect in the healing. I imagine a soldering iron would be a suitable tool . . . but for sale in a medical supply catalogue at €400.
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> we’re all making the same face right now, aren’t we

I imagine the distribution of faces we’re all making is distinctly bimodal
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