“Creepy Magician” or “Appropriate Magician”

Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair, made during the heyday of PC CD-ROM “interactive media”, purported to talk a beginner through the art of filmmaking using clips from a fictitious movie starring the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Quentin Tarantino, Katherine Helmond as well as magicians Penn & Teller. Meanwhile, in 2020, developer Paolo Pedercini had the idea to take the video clips and create an interactive movie on the web, which you can now enjoy(?) for yourself.

The first prompt is “Manic Tarantino” or “Calm Tarantino” which should give you a sense of what you’re getting into.

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Tarantino acting is – oof – a hard ask in the first ten minutes.
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Hoo, yeah, that’s what being a competitive high school theater kid in the ’90s was like: watching that monologue. How can I refuse more Acting! from Penn and Teller?
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They should put this on Youtube for a bigger audience. You can do interactive videos on Youtube.
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