Dead Man’s Clones

Jomppe Vaarakallio used Gigapixel AI to upscale a photo, whereupon the software added Ryan Gosling’s face to the image.
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Hey girl, I hear you like apparitions, Marian or otherwise.
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GigaPixel has been showing up all over my Google ads recently and now this. Trying to generate a lot of press, I wonder if they’re looking for another round of funding. I don’t know what GigaPixel does but if it is adding information back in, that’s computationally expensive. If they’re using something like Pix2Pix that’s a lot of GPU but they might have a neat trick.

I might play around with some libraries to see if I can get GigaPixel results, but I’m sure given that they’re sucking in all that data they’re doing it better.
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I don’t think they’re looking for another round of funding. Gigapixel is a Topaz product. I’ve been using Gigapixel for a year and a half, and I’ve had their Adjust software since 2012. They also have some other new AI products. Gigapixel works surprisingly well but doesn’t work in every circumstance. The AI part is very CPU intensive, and even with a 4.0 ghz i7, 32 gb of RAM and a Fusion drive with a 128gb SSD front end, once I hit the button to resize, it’s time to go get up and walk for a couple of minutes or refill coffee or whatnot because it takes over your CPU and RAM resources until it finishes. I’ve been able to save some older, but valued, low res photos with it, and for work it’s been invaluable.
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This Ryan Gosling photo has added so much joy to my life. A+
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