Defund the CBC and shower parents with cash: Four things Erin O’Toole has promised to do

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Defund the CBC

On Valentine’s Day this year, O’Toole posted a video on Twitter accusing the CBC of being “out of control” and promising to slash its funding.

O’Toole says he wants to maintain funding for Radio-Canada in Quebec and CBC Radio which “maintains the original public interest mandate” of the public broadcaster.

“Taxpayer dollars should not pay for things like a Canadian version of Family Feud. Nor should they fund CBC News Network, a channel no different from its private sector competitors,” O’Toole’s platform reads.

The issue could be a tricky one for O’Toole.

In 2011, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government promised to keep the CBC’s funding stable, even during a government-wide cost-cutting program. At the time, a poll conducted by the Canadian Press found that 46 per cent of Canadian’s want the public broadcaster’s funding to remain the same, while 23 per cent wanted a funding boost. Twenty-two per cent said funding should be cut, while 12 per cent said it should be eliminated altogether.

Make it rain for parents

During the campaign, O’Toole spoke about the need for the Conservative Party to win back suburban voters, especially in the highly-populated areas surrounding Toronto, that had drifted to the Liberals in 2015.

That’s why O’Toole has tried to present softer edges to the country on highly-charged social issues, like abortion and LGBTQ rights. O’Toole says he is personally pro-choice and has expressed a willingness to march in Pride parades, although he declined to march in Toronto because the parade excludes uniformed police officers.

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