Good Bye, Black Sky

How satellite ‘megaconstellations’ will photobomb astronomy images: most detailed report yet about the impact of giant satellite clusters says damage to observations is unavoidable [previously]

SpaceX, an aerospace company in Hawthorne, California, has already launched more than 650 of a planned 12,000 Starlink satellites. Other operators include the London-based OneWeb, which has launched 74 of what it hopes will be a gigantic fleet of 48,000 satellites, and Amazon, which last month received US government approval to launch 3,236 satellites for its planned Kuiper service.

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Thanks to Bezos, Musk and Wyler for ruining the black sky, dawn and dusk to the rest of humanity, literally.
A pure case of “externality”, to put it mildly: rich will get richer, but everybody else will have to deal with their litter in the sky. Astronomers will never be able to observe the sky as before, and all the others will be reminded that a bunch of capitalists decide everything for them. But hey, we will be able to play angry bird in the middle of the Tartar steppe.

We need to do something about millionaires. Urgently. But also global governance: space is not the US’s backyard.
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