How is an AI like a duck?

Since I can’t find the interview I heard about AIs analyzing the structure of stories across all cultures and languages and finding remarkable similarities between all of them, I present to you these stories: “The association between man and narrative dimension has deep roots. Since the dawn of myth, humans have used stories to give meaning to the world. Without them, our experience of the universe would be almost incomprehensible. Also, the telling of stories has always been the exclusive domain of man. No other living creature has ever shown this inclination, linked to typically human prerogatives, such as symbolic thinking, language, creativity. From now on, however, with a break of historical importance still difficult to understand, telling stories may no longer be a purely human undertaking. Although in the current phase algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) tend to intervene mainly with help functions, they too can be considered – increasingly – not only mechanisms of reproduction, but real creators of new stories and tales.” “We Asked Today’s Most Advanced Storytelling AI to Co-Write a Story About Itself..” “Know Your Audience, and Let Data Help Drive Your Storytelling.” “Why plot-driven data storytelling is important and how to create it.” “AI Storytelling Companies Usher in New Era of Creativity.”
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You can do this yourself in AI Dungeon. I fought off some villains trying to enter my castle, wrote my memoirs, and then was informed of a wondrous thing called the “Internet”, which I quickly had installed in my castle and proceeded to get in touch with the “Net God”, the entity that comprises the Internet.

(AI dungeon spins stories that are more like attempting to lucid dream than real stories, but… it’s still amazing what it produces)
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