Inspiring Incarcerated Individuals to Visualize Their Dreams in Photos

“This project has helped me realize things I didn’t know about myself. I didn’t realize the strength I had…also the beauty in the other people as well as myself. My art is a different type of art—it isn’t drawing or making shit…it is like a form of art of the mind. Thought it endless. There is more than one possible way to think. For myself, I hope to spread strength and love.”

–Raymond, a participant in photographer Justin Maxon’s Livin’ the Dream

Inspired by a 2015 study on visualization techniques in goal achievement…Maxon recognized the power of belief in helping individuals increase their capacities for achievement. He invited each participant to identify their dream — being a surfer, drummer, boat captain, motivational speaker, wizard — and invited them to act out the role for a series of photographs. The participant was then given their portrait, which they then cut out and set into a collage depicting the landscape of their desires in which they were the central protagonist.

More on the project at Feature Shoot.

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