It is urgent to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for push-scooters users

SARS-CoV-2 was Unexpectedly Deadlier than Push-scooters: Could Hydroxychloroquine be the Unique Solution?, a paper published, and then retracted for “serious scientific fraud”, in the Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, a suspected predatory journal. Context: Hydroxychloroquine, push-scooters, and COVID-19: A journal gets stung, and swiftly retracts.

2.3.3 Method Participants in both groups were asked to go down a 45° slope with a steep brick wall at the end on a push-scooter. They were instructed to go as fast as possible and brake at the last moment before hitting the brick wall. To reinforce ecological validity, sounds of cars and insults from other push-scooter drivers were broadcasted from the experimenters’ phones (sounds were recorded in Paris prior to lockdown). Due to limited resources and fundings, only two push-scooters (one very old, one brand new) were available. The old, rusty push-scooter was randomly attributed to participants in the control group. It should be noted that the brand new push-scooter was in zinc, which might have contributed to potentialize the HCQ + AZ combination. This study was retrospective, which is why we did not need an opinion from the ethics committee.

The review history shows that while some reviewers did struggle a bit with the “science” of the paper (“The reviewer considers that it is not scientific to say that the study place for studies 1 and 2 was the office chair where we sit every day to do part of our work”), 2 editors out of 3 greenlit its publication.

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