Our focus today cannot be on basketball

In response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and the Kenosha Police Department giving armed white supremacists free reign in the city, the Milwaukee Bucks as a team refused to take the floor for game 5 of their first round playoff series against the Orlando Magic. The Magic, left the floor, too, refusing to accept a win by forfeit. The NBA quickly announced all three games scheduled would be postponed.

Reacting to the league’s phrasing, Lebron James was quick to point out this is not a postponement, but direct action by players. Players have been expressing misgivings about restarting the season since before the Bubble in Orlanda even started. Statements of frustration at the general lack of progress have been more and more frequent, with Doc Rivers, coach of the Clippers, giving an impassioned response, stating plainly “We keep loving this country and this country doesn’t love us back.” ESPN has the Bucks players’ statement, as well as a collection of statements over the last several days from other players.

The Milwaukee Bucks Players’ Strike Instantly Seems Like It Was Inevitable

The Bucks Aren’t Boycotting. They’re Striking. (discussion of the CBA clause that forbids striking)

The Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants also decided to sit out their schedule games in a show of solidarity.

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Postpone everything. Boycott everything. General strike. If the NBA players lead it, so be it.
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If any league was going to make this first step, it was the NBA.
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So: 180,000 dead from an out-of-control virus and the president* suggesting drinking Clorox; an “unsurvivable” hurricane on its way to the Gulf Coast; the Senate waving off further relief packages; the post office under orders to shut itself down to stop mail-in voting; protesters being straight-up murdered by cops as well as freelance white supremacists; people being stuffed into vans by secret police; half the sports teams looking at a general strike; and fifty million people facing eviction.

Imagine how bad things would be if he hadn’t made America great again.
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But remember, if Biden wins, there’ll be chaos!
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Allll of the FWOM (fragile white old men) are losing their shit in The Athletic comments sections over this. Soooo many grown men who are righteously convinced that America has no racism issue, that the police have no racism issue, that Blake and earlier Brother Floyd brought all of their suffering upon themselves and deserved what they got, and that athletes taking direct action to protest in response is (choose any or all): childish, selfish, victimizing white men (!), communist, thug-like, ignorant, uneducated, insane, stupid, depriving America of its right to entertainment.

I pray these men have an enlightening revelation, asap, cuz their toxic combination of entitlement, arrogance, ignorance, and racism has them now very very close to self-imploding rage strokes and heart attacks.

To be so suffused in satanic anger and persist in believing one’s worldview is right and unquestionable … almost unspeakably tragic, for the believer and for each of us in the world with him. Wake up dead man!
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