Perhaps “living in the now” isn’t a real thing

past-ten asks writers and artists like X. H. Collins, Cal Louise Phoenix, S. Evan Stubblefield, Abigail Thomas, Rex Ybañez, Caleb Curtiss, and Jasminum McMullen What were you doing on this day ten years ago?
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I tried to figure out what I was doing 10 years ago today. Nothing in my Facebook memories. No tweets. Nothing in my email. Nothing in my google calendar. So, nothing?

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no internet app to log it, did it make a sound?
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Whatever the hell I was doing, it had to be better than this.
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Whatever the hell I was doing, it had to be better than this.

I cackled at the beautiful distaste of this; what a great one-sentence poem for the year.
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August 23, 2010 was a Monday, so I likely went to work and then went home.
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Heck, the best days are the days when nothing happens. I miss them.
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That was a job, several moves, and an emotional lifetime ago. There are a few things about that old life I miss, but [gestures at global shitshow] aside, I am doing somewhat better now than then.
What did I do on that specific day?
I probably read that Spoon Theory article. I don’t have any specific memories of the date, so who knows?
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The same thing I do everyday: Try to take over the world.
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I have a blog that’s nearly 22 years old now, so generally speaking I can account for every day since 1998. Unusually for me, however, for the month of August, 2010, I was on hiatus from the blog (it was being written by guest bloggers). However, I was on Twitter on this day in 2010, and on that day I was at the Darke County Fair, at which I a) watched my daughter participate in a 4H cookie baking contest, b) ate a deep fried pickle, c) threw up after riding the ferris wheel. What a day!
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