So long and thanks for all :emoji: the treats ‍:emoji:

It’s National Dog Day (previously). Dogs are one of the best parts of the animal kingdom. Their young are adorable. They were faithful companions, hunters, guardians, waste collectors, and maybe even healers in ancient Mesopotamia. Their already-impressive communication with humans is being amplified by technology. Humans devote their lives to rescuing them, even during a pandemic (WaPo). They can help people cope during lockdown (WaPo). Their most-common cancer may provide clues to treating human cancer. Did I mention they’re adorable? Test yourself to find out Are You A Cat Or Dog Person? [N.B.—these are my own results, so the accuracy of this test is in dispute.] A Dog’s Guide To Its Human, an edifying graphic.

And we grieve when they leave us. (from Jenny Jinya)
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I guess my wife and I adopted our new dog on the right day!

(pic as required by Internet law)
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They are good dogs. All of them.
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Cats are pretty cool, too. Thanks for the post!
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