“The camera is a great teacher…”

The Oakland Museum of California has made its digital archive of Dorothea Lange’s photography available to all. “The camera is a great teacher, and the more people use it the more aware they become of the possibilities of the visual world.” — Dorothea Lange
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Thank you, OP. So happy to see this!
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“Damaged Child”
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Oh, this is utterly, utterly wonderful.

I am especially happy to see the whole Early Work/Personal Work section with its San Francisco Portrait Studio section.

I am so very gladdened when archives are made more widely available through the internet. This is splendid news.

Thank you so much for posting this, agatha_magatha!
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She took some of the most important photos of the depression- hugely talented & dedicated to her work. Nice to see so much of it gathered & archived on the web. This is the sort of post that keeps me coming back here.
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