The End Of The NRA?

After several years of bloody internal fights that had shown self-dealing and corruption throughout the structure of the National Rifle Association, NYS AG Letitia James has filed suit to dissolve the organization under state laws regarding fraud in charitable organizations. (SLTPM)

The lawsuit asserts that NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre used the organization’s funds as a personal piggy bank, billing personal travel to the NRA while refusing to disclose details for “security reasons”. In addition, while ostensibly reducing consulting fees to longtime consultants, LaPierre used “oral contracts” to funnel even more money to them in violation of organizational rules.

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And yes, she has the authority to do this – the NRA was originally chartered in New York, so it is under NYS law.
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My favorite response so far, from Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar, “Thoughts and prayers answered”
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In a just world, the rank-and-file NRA membership would be appalled at where their dollars are going. But after having been trained on the Trump graft machine (and fed authoritarian garbage for long before that), I would be shocked if that were a typical response.
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DC AG Karl Racine has also filed a similar but separate suit.
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About fucken time
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yes, she has the authority to do this – the NRA was originally chartered in New York, so it is under NYS law.

Oh, wow. I did not know this.

Tish James has been on my radar for a while – she was the NYC city council rep for my district starting in the mid-aughts, when I moved here, and has always been of a progressive bent. She put out a press release last night that she would have “a major national announcement” today, and everyone was speculating it had to do with….er, other matters. But the reaction amongst my friends has been, “….huh. y’know, I’ll take it.”

And if you think about it, it doesn’t really address guns themselves or gun rights as a thing. She’s only saying that this group has been so fubared by those people that it actually isn’t even serving the purpose it was created for any more and maybe it’s best to blow it up and start over. If gun owners want to create a new organization to support Second Amendment interests, then great – that’s not what this is about, this is about how the NRA isn’t really even doing that any more, and that’s the problem.
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This is long overdue. Laundering money and conducting operations for the Russians should have been enough (cite 1, cite 2). But whatever it takes to cripple and dismantle this mob outfit.
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Good! Fuck ’em!
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Hang on while I get my scanning tunnelling electron microscope so I can locate a violin of the appropriate size to play the saddest melody ever on.
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I’m torn between hell yeah the NRA needs to be burnt to the ground, and a nagging fear of this being the 2nd amendment cultural issue the GOP successfully pivots off for November. *breathes deeply into a paper bag*

Also from the article the NRA paid for LaPierre’s membership fees for the “International Order of St. Hubertus and the Camp Fire Club.“. Surely the international order of St. Hubris….
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Well this is good, but I’m pretty sure the gun lobby will just found another organization, which may or may not have the same name, and keep on keeping on. The NRA is dead, but long live the NRA sort of thing.
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I’m torn between hell yeah the NRA needs to be burnt to the ground, and a nagging fear of this being the 2nd amendment cultural issue the GOP successfully pivots off for November.

On the other hand, without the NRA around to fund GOP candidates, how well would those candidates actually do?
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New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA in suit accusing gun rights group of wide-ranging fraud and self-dealing (WaPo)

Her office cited as a precedent its previous action against the Trump Foundation, which led President Trump to shut down the charity in 2018 amid allegations that he used it for his personal benefit.

[…] The lawsuit also claims LaPierre failed to report large sums of personal income to the IRS. James’s office said it found that the NRA chief funneled personal expenses through an outside public relations firm, allowing him to avoid reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal income. James said Thursday that she was referring those findings to the IRS. She also said that if her office uncovers criminal activity, it will be referred to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA (AP)

NRA President Carolyn Meadows said the group was counter-suing the New York attorney general’s office, setting the stage for a drawn-out legal battle that could last for years. “It’s a transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda,′ Meadows said in a statement.

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> without the NRA around to fund GOP candidates

Money will find an organization to attach to even if it’s not the NRA. An organization is still made up of people, and those people aren’t going anywhere.
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That hypothetical organization won’t have the pretense of legitimacy that the NRA has, though. That takes time to build.
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International Order of St. Hubertus

“The IOSH is headed by a Grand Master, currently, his Imperial Highness Archduke Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, and its ‘Protector’ is His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain”

There has not been an Archduke of Austria since the monarchy and nobility were abolished in 1918; Istvan barely even merits being called a pretender. Juan Carlos recently fled Spain in the wake of corruption allegations.

So that all tracks.
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My, admittedly remove Trump at all costs, concern is how much more money are they going to raise in the next month to “defend the NRA” they can spend in the final weeks of this election even if they know they are screwed. I just hope the compliant keeps getting amended with new and even more damning evidence, or otherwise keep them on the back foot until after November. Hoping they can make the NRA eat themselves and not successfully rally a cause….
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So, all the “good guys with guns” in the NRA were not successful in disincentivisng crime? Huh.
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Interestingly, some of the hardcore folks out there may not lose any sleep over this. They’ve been saying that the NRA has been undermining gun rights while keeping up the appearance of strong second amendment rights. The example at the link is the bump stock ban after the Vegas massacre. The NRA was okay with it, but was able to come out and “oppose” it on the pretense that it didn’t grandfather in existing bump stocks.
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The NRA was considered one of the top three lobbying forces on Capitol Hill, up there with AARP. This will be interesting to see shake out.

It’s been a gun producers trade group masquerading as a gun rights organization for some decades now. I agree that money will find a way into politicians pockets, but TSHBO is right; being able to bill the organization as representing millions of citizens was a huge “beard” for them.
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