The Green Nectar of the Gods

Purée de Pois are a traditional and upmarket delicacy (Yorkshire Caviar) within the UK. Much loved by MeFites, they often accompany Poisson et Frites, or occasionally battered toblerone. Marrowfat peas, mature and field-dried, are soaked in baking soda, boiled (till they explode) then simmered (or make your own variation)(though mashed are not genuine). These are too liquid. A visitor, and another, try some. In Nottingham, the delicacy is carefully cooked over a coal or coke fire and served with mint. TV ad and a review. Enjoy as booty (sandwich). Or, eat with moist butt, goujons, waffles, steak and ale pie, as a pizza topping, a fish butty, with curried scraps, on toast as the breakfast of champs, in fishcakes, or as an artisanal ice cream.
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(This post inspired by a dream I had last night, featuring Glastonbury Abbey, excalibur rising from a small lake of mushy peas while O Fortuna played, and … oh, never mind. I’m going to the chippy for their lunchtime deal. Anyone else want some?)
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So its savory? Or sweet?
posted by museum of fire ants at 4:56 AM on August 19
i approve of every delicious wordshore post ’til now, but mushy peas are an abomination

ya daft ha’peth
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