“Turn it upside down after baking so the lard can soak through.”

(caution for pig fat) Lard, glorious lard! Twelve or sixteen pieces or round or a crown or after proving! Lardy bread (or lardy cake or lardey cake or lardy Johns), otherwise knows as dough cake or fourses cake and with close relatives such as the Cheltenham dripper and Yorkshire fatty cake, is one of the traditional breads and cakes of English counties and seaside towns. The original or first is debatable and lost in the ancient counties. Made with lard or lardo, flour and various fruits, sometimes sticky and with your mum or while being filmed, this is perhaps not the healthiest meal. Obviously best served with a nice cup of tea. Palate cleanser.
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(This post is because an astonishingly generous, kind and funny MeFite has offered to make a “lardy bread” which she described as “a masterpiece of unhealthyness”. If I time it right, it may become my birthday cake; if it’s as lardtastic as the videos I’ve just looked at suggest, it may become my last cake. YOLO.)(You Only Lard Once)
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Wordshore is on a single handed mission to send all mefiltes to a lardy, chippy, biscuity grave.
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