When a shadow falls on Paradise

On July 25th Japanese owned oil tanker MV Wakashio, 203,000 GT went aground off Mauritius and the island now races to prevent an ecological disaster.
Frustrated by the government’s inaction locals flock to help in every way possible.
An initiative led by David Sauvage of ”Rezistans ek Alternativ” has peple making bagasse based oil prevention booms. “Low-cost, low-tech, readily available materials that soak up oil”.
Other people are cutting off their hair to assist the effort.
It is the worst environmental crisis in a generation.
@Ariel_Saramandi is a local journalist worth following on twitter
Here’s some news for you: the crew members were questioned by the police yesterday. They said that they steered the boat closer to the coast…to get an internet connection.
They were celebrating a birthday party.
Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, has said the country should “prepare for a worst-case scenario” as as the vessel is likely to “fall apart” as the crack in the hull widens.
Mauritius is a Tax haven.
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